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Every woman deserves

Peace, Love and Lashes!

Let the world go wow by your lashes


Beautiful lashes speak loudly, even if you don’t say a word. They say, “Details matter to me”. They say “I am confident”. They say “I am fabulous!”. Individual lash extensions will lengthen and strengthen your natural lashes, dramatically enhancing your facial features. 

At Magnificent Lash Art , we believe that lush, expertly applied lash extensions do a great deal more than accentuating a woman’s eyes. A woman with beautiful lashes always exudes an air of luxury and confidence. We believe that every woman deserves to look and feel this way.

Affordable, long-lasting lash extensions are a wonderful way to elevate your appearance and give you that extra touch of self-confidence when you need it, to face life head-on.

Training with us

For students who are considering entering the beauty industry, this beginner course will equip you with knowledge of the various techniques of lash extensions, as well as practical application. The course covers lash styling and the application of classic and volume lash extensions.

Lash Training

Lara will also share her unique technique to achieve a professional finish that looks natural!

Why you should become a lash artist

If you love lashes and have patience and a steady hand (insert)


Do What You Love

What could be better than earning money doing what you love? As a lash artist, you help women to look and feel fabulous.


Earn An Income

You get to decide what your appointment schedule looks like! Market your services using social media and before you know it you will your own regular lash clients.


Become Your Own Boss

As a trained lash artist, you have the potential to earn an impressive income and become financially independent.


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