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We Are Hiring!

Magnificent Lashart is hiring an experienced Lash Artist to join our growing team.

Flexible Hours, Great environment - Grow with us!

If interested, please fill the form below.

Magnificent Lash Art, established in California in 2018, has expanded its reach to southwest Florida, serving thousands of satisfied clients in the process.

**Our Mission**  
We aim to do more than just enhance the eyes; our mission is to boost each client's confidence and self-image with meticulously applied, long-lasting lash extensions.

**Our Values**
1. **Precision**: Each lash counts, underlining our mantra that "Details matter."
2. **Confidence and Luxury**: We offer more than just a service; we provide an experience that instills both confidence and a sense of luxury.
3. **Accessibility and Durability**: Our commitment is to offer superior quality lash extensions that are both long-lasting and reasonably priced.

**Our Goals**
1. **Client Fulfillment**: Our primary goal is to make every client feel luxurious and confident through our professional lash services.
2. **Budget-Friendly Excellence**: We strive to democratize beauty by offering premium, long-lasting lash extensions at accessible prices.
3. **Artistic Perfection**: Our technicians are committed to the highest standards in lash application, aiming for a natural yet enduring result.

Why Join Our Team?

    1.    Investment in Training: We continually invest in team training to enhance skills and expertise.
   2.    Comprehensive Benefits: We offer dental and accident insurance, uniforms, and other benefits to take care of our team.
   3.    Growth Incentives: We provide incentives and opportunities for those interested in growing with us.
   4.    Team Building: Regular team-building events are organized to foster a supportive and collaborative environment.
   5.    Hourly Pay Plus Commission: Enjoy a stable hourly wage along with performance-based commissions.
   6.    Client-Based Additional Commission: Lash artists bringing in their own clients will receive additional commissions.
   7.    Level Up Opportunities: Move up the ladder as you get fully booked, gaining access to higher commissions and more
        8.     Rebook Commission: Earn extra when your clients rebook with you.
   9.    Personalized Business Cards: Have your name proudly displayed under the company’s on your own business cards.
   10.    Free Lash Extensions: All our lash artists are entitled to free lash extensions as part of their employment benefits.

We're inviting skilled and passionate individuals who align with our mission and values to join our expanding team. If you resonate with what we stand for, we'd love to hear from you!

Apply now to be part of our exciting journey in redefining beauty, one lash at a time.

Thanks for submitting!
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