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Add a vibrant touch to your lash services with our Neon Ombre Green Mix Length C Curl Lash Extensions. Designed for lash technicians who want to offer bold and unique styles, this set provides a stunning blend of colors and lengths for eye-catching results.

Key Features:

•Neon Ombre Green: Striking ombre effect from neon green to deep green, perfect for clients looking to make a statement.

•Mix Lengths: Includes a variety of lengths from 8mm to 15mm, allowing for customized looks from subtle to dramatic.

•C Curl: Provides a natural, uplifted curl that suits most eye shapes.

•High-Quality Fibers: Soft, lightweight, and durable for comfortable wear and a natural appearance.

•Consistent Retention: Each lash maintains its curl and color over time for long-lasting beauty.

•Easy Application: Lashes are organized in trays for efficient and precise application.

Transform your lash offerings with the Neon Ombre Green Mix Length C Curl Lash Extensions, perfect for clients who want to stand out with vibrant, stylish lashes.

Neon Ombre MLA Green Mix Length C 0.07 Curl Lash Extensions

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