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Achieve flawless, long-lasting lash applications with our Professional Lash Bonding Adhesive. Specially formulated for lash technicians, this adhesive provides a strong, secure bond that ensures your clients’ lashes stay beautiful and intact for weeks.

Key Features:

•Strong Retention: Delivers a reliable hold, keeping lash extensions in place for an extended period.

•Quick Drying Time: Dries rapidly to streamline the application process and enhance efficiency.

•Low Fume Formula: Designed to minimize irritation for both technicians and clients, ensuring a comfortable experience.

•Waterproof and Flexible: Maintains flexibility to adapt to natural lash movement while being resistant to water, ensuring durability through daily activities.

•Professional Grade: Suitable for both classic and volume lash techniques, offering versatile performance for all lash styles.

Enhance your lash services with the Professional Lash Bonding Adhesive, the perfect choice for achieving stunning, enduring results that will impress your clients and boost their confidence.

MLA Professional Lash Bonding Adhesive

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