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Introduce a pop of color to your lash services with the MLA Lash Box Mix Length Blue C 0.07 Curl. This exclusive set is designed for lash technicians who seek to create bold, eye-catching looks for their clients.

Key Features:

•Vibrant Blue Lashes: Striking blue color for a unique and captivating appearance.

•Mix Lengths: Offers a variety of lengths from 8mm to 15mm, enabling you to craft both subtle and dramatic styles.

•C Curl: Natural, lifted curl that complements most eye shapes.

•0.07 Thickness: Ultra-lightweight and perfect for creating volume without added weight.

•Premium Quality Fibers: Soft, durable, and comfortable for all-day wear.

•Long-Lasting Retention: Maintains curl and color over time for beautiful, enduring lashes.

•Efficient Organization: Lashes are neatly arranged in trays for easy selection and precise application.

Elevate your lash artistry with the MLA Lash Box Mix Length Blue C 0.07 Curl, designed to deliver stunning and vibrant results that will leave your clients delighted

MLA Lash Box Mix Length Blue C 0.07 Curl

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