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Mix Length Lash Extension Box

Enhance your lash services with our Mix Length Lash Extension Box, designed for lash technicians who value versatility and quality. This premium kit provides a variety of lengths to create custom lash looks, catering to every client's unique preferences and eye shapes.

**Key Features:**

- **Range of Lengths**: Includes a mix of lengths from 8mm to 15mm, allowing for the creation of natural to dramatic lash styles.

- **High-Quality Fibers**: Made from soft, lightweight, and durable materials for a natural appearance and comfortable wear.

- **Consistent Curl and Length Retention**: Each lash maintains its shape and length over time, ensuring long-lasting beauty.

- **Efficient Application**: Lashes are neatly arranged in trays for easy selection and precise application.

- **Luxurious Packaging**: Comes in an elegant box that impresses clients and keeps lashes organized.

The Mix Length Lash Extension Box is perfect for lash technicians looking to offer personalized and high-quality lash services. Upgrade your professional toolkit with this versatile and premium lash extension set.

MLA Lash Box Cc 0.07 Mix Length

Color: Black
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